Serving Opportunities

There are a variety of ways for students to serve at IGNITE every Sunday evening! We are looking for eager students like you to get involved! Pretty busy with school and other commitments? That's ok as most of our serving areas require no time commitment outside of youth group. We encourage all of our students to serve as it helps them to build character and learn to think of others. It also helps them discover their talents and gifts. Check out the different areas where students serve on a weekly basis and feel free to contact us for more information so that we can get you connected and involved. 


Meal Serving

Every week we begin with a wonderful and delicious meal. We are always looking for students interested in helping us serve food as people come through the line, and also help us get ready before the meal begins. Students also have the opportunity to help clean up following the meals. Set up includes helping to get plates, napkins, and utensils out, while also helping to bring out the food to the serving table as it is ready. Clean up includes wiping down tables, putting away extra paper products, and also making sure left over food goes back to the kitchen.

Game Team

Each week we enjoy some fun as we play a variety of games! If you are interested in helping us organize a game each week then you should be on our game team! Being a part of helping with the games is as simple as texting or calling the leader with game suggestions and then helping to explain the new game on Sunday nights. We are always looking for new games and ideas to keep things fresh and entertaining. There is also an opportunity to help make videos explaining the rules of some of our most frequently played games.

Worship Team

If you have a musical talent such as singing or playing an instrument, then you should join our worship team! Each week a band of students helps lead us in worship songs by using their talents in singing and playing instruments. We are always looking for new students to get involved. This team does require some time outside of youth group to participate in. Worship practice is typically held after Sunday morning service at approximately 12 noon each Sunday. However, if you choose to serve you do not have to serve every single week. We are very flexible and will allow you to serve however frequently or infrequently you need to fit your schedule. Twice a year our worship team also helps to lead worship on Sunday morning for our church service at 10:30am. If you are interested in joining we will have an audition, but it is to gauge how you fit on our team and not if you can participate or not.


Tech Team

Another team you may be interested in joining is our tech team. Technology is quickly advancing and we use a variety of computer, lighting, and sound functions throughout our time on Sunday evenings. If you have an interest in computers, lighting, or sound, we can certainly use you! While we try to have our tech team available Sunday at 12 noon for rehearsal, we understand if you cannot be there and will train you during Sunday evenings. If you are interested in tech you may also be interested in helping us to shoot and create a variety of videos we use throughout IGNITE Student Ministry.  


Let us know you are interested! Sign up using the link below.

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Contact Information:

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