Youth Clue Night 2019

To register for Youth Clue Night, please read the disclaimer below and fill out the form.

Disclaimer:  I, the parent or guardian of the below named individual, acknowledge that participation in athletic events necessarily involves risk of physical injury. I further acknowledge that the programs of Abundant Life Community Church are administered by volunteers, rather than by paid, trained professionals. In consideration for accepting the registration of the named individual and permitting the voluntary participation of said individuals in its programs, I (for myself as well as for my child, his heirs and assigns) hereby release, discharge, and hold harmless Abundant Life Community Church and their employees, volunteers, and other representatives or affiliates (including without limitation the participating churches, organizations participating through such churches, sponsors, games or event workers, officials, facilities, and volunteers) from and against any and all claims arising out of or relating to illness, physical injury, death or other damages that may result to said individual while participating in a Abundant Life Community Church event including any physical injury by negligence of any official, referee or coach while performing his/her duties during any practices or games. I attest that my child is physically capable to participate in this event. However, should officials, representatives or volunteers determine in their sole discretion that completion or participation in any games or events would be injurious to my child's health, or should my child become ill or sick, I consent to his or her removal and treatment by any physician or medical care provider at the direction of the event or game officials, sponsors, representatives and/or volunteers. I give my permission for free use of my child's name and picture in broadcasts, telecasts or written accounts, in any Abundant Life Community Church event.
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