Youth Sunday

Join us for Youth Sunday on December 30th @10:30am!!

Youth Sunday is one of the best times to help teach students how to serve others. We require students who attend our Winter Retreat and Seneca Lake to serve at Youth Sunday twice a year following our trips. While serving can be intimidating, we have many different ways that each student can serve. Students can serve in our worship ministry, tech ministry, welcome ministry, children ministry, and even help usher during the service! No matter what the student's strengths are, we are always able to find them a place where they fit to serve.

Our next youth Sunday is on December 30th @ 10:30am. We ask that students serving arrive prior to this depending on where they are serving. In addition, different areas of serving also require students to wear different attire. 

Welcome Ministry:

If you are assigned to welcome ministry, please arrive at 10:00am. We ask that you wear business casual clothing and a shirt with a collar. No shorts/leggings or hoodies. 

Childrens Ministry:

If you are assigned to children ministry, please arrive at 10:10am. Clothing should be something that you are comfortable in to work with children. Please no shorts or leggings. 

Tech Ministry:

If you are assigned to tech ministry, please arrive at 8:00am. We ask that you wear appropriate clothing. Please do not wear shorts or leggings. 

Worship Ministry:

If you are assigned to Worship ministry, please arrive at 8:00am. Please wear dark or gray pants. Please wear a dress shirt (preferably no polos) that is white, black, gray, or a shade of blue which includes teals and light blues. Ladies can wear skirts and dresses that follow the above mentioned color scheme, and can also wear dark pants with a nice shirt. Dress shoes are preferred and we ask that you do not wear tennis shoes. Absolutely no leggings or shorts may be worn.

If you do not yet know where you are serving, please contact Benjamin Craig or Pastor Rocky and they will get you connected. If you are going on the winter retreat but will be unable to serve, it is your responsibility to contact Pastor Rocky and let him know that you will not be serving. 

Contact Information

Pastor Rocky Taylor: 440-877-1202 (Church) or 440-732-6755 (Cell) or

Benjamin Craig: 440-732-8551 or